So you want to run Tears of the Kingdom on PC or Atmosphere?

If you come across any links that look like a long list of random characters, you will need to use to translate them to plain text.

What determines performance? Mainly Single and multi-thread CPU performance and Graphics Card VRAM amount. I get a decent 40fps+ experience using a Ryzen 5 3600 (12 threads) and RTX 3050 (graphics card is not THAT important though) and you can probably eke out 30-40 fps on older/worse hardware. Just don’t expect solid 60fps without something better than I have.

Good general source of links and info:

I’m going to skip some of the basic setup stuff, but you will need to get a prod.keys file. 128 Bit Bay has some of the basics you will need. Check out the “protecting yourself during piracy” guide, but you will want a VPN active while you are torrenting nowadays, as well as a good ad blocker extension.

Download Yuzu (or Ryujinx): Keep in mind you cannot ask official Yuzu channels for support on Pineapple builds because they are an unofficial source. However, EA/pineapple builds can offer significant performance improvements. They only provide support for EA builds (subscribe to their patreon) or the main build (free). Also, do not discuss piracy on the official Yuzu subreddit or their discord. This will jeopardize their ability to continue operating at all, ruining Switch emulation for everyone! If anyone asks, you dumped the game and keys from a soft modded Switch running cfw.

Download prod.keys or dump them from switch: Follow the guide to install them in your yuzu folder.

Download or dump ToTK NSP or XCI file: I usually use the Yandex search engine as they rarely/never censor piracy links. 128bitbay above has some links to Roms as well. Point Yuzu to the folder where you keep Switch game files. Then, install the update file to NAND (should end in .nsp). The current version is 1.1.2 with the best performance, but 1.1.1 has the “Y+B” dupe glitch.

OK, here’s the fun part. Mods! Easiest source of general-purpose mods. Click on releases on the right-hand side to go to the download page. Choose the version matching your game update. The page linked has descriptions of each mod. I personally use:

-720p Cheat method - Turn the resolution scaling to 2x in settings and you’ve got 1400p which is my monitor size. 60 FPS Static - Required for DynamicFPS to go higher than 30fps, or you can target 30fps by using the 30fps static mod + DynamicFPS. Alternatively, you can just use FPS++ without the static fps mod, they do the same thing but YMMV
-Island Fix
-LOD Improvement
-Shadows 1024x
-Anisotropic Filtering Fix
-Disable Internal FSR Downscaling
-UI Blackscreen Fix OR one of the controller UI mods which include it

Mods I use not on HolographicWings Github:
Serfrost’s Defogger: Removes fog from nearby if that bothers you. Some people prefer to keep it, but I like the added clarity. See also: Better Fog mod on nexusmods

TotK Camera photo/jpeg quality increase mod:

Other general ToTK Mod sources:
Nexus Mods
SomeRandomPeople Gbatemp thread (GBATemp is a great forum for emulation talk)
Chuck’s Feed and Seed, prolific mod creator
TheBoy181 Prolific mod creator/remixer. Got a lot of undeserved hate because he paywalls a few of his mods, but he has HUNDREDS of great mods for other games completely free on GitHub. For example, I got an actually playable experience on Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity using his mods.

Recommended Yuzu settings: Take note of the ASTC Recompression setting. You will need it if you have less than 8 GB of VRAM, especially if you are targeting a high resolution.

Yuzu Vulkan Shaders download: aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubWVkaWFmaXJlLmNvbS9maWxlL24xdmpydzRoMWgxNTg2cC8wMTAwZjJjMDExNWI2MDAwLjd6L2ZpbGU=
Put vulkan.bin in your TOTK shader pipeline cache folder. If it causes problems, you can clear the pipeline cache and make your own, but you will have some stuttering at first. Sharing shaders is piracy, FYI so don’t talk about it on yuzu channels.